❀ about me ❀


name: Claudia
birthday: February 25th
zodiac: Pisces
single or taken: Too good for y’all
height: 5’2 :3
eye color: brown
middle name: none
favourite color: blue
lucky number: none?


hogwarts house: Slytherin
favourite fictional character:  Deviant villains (are they, really?) escaping the narrative structure and pointing out its flaws. Hungry souls who want it all and take it all because modesty and low ambitions are for others. In other words, Jim Moriarty, Tom Riddle, Hermione Granger and Alt!Livia Dunham.
favourite television show: Fringe before season 4 happened, probably. 
favourite season: bah whatever.
describe yourself in a few words: ”you don’t make sense, you’re lucky you’re a good kisser.” (some dude about me, still amused)
also SICILY. Italian temper. Femme. Sociology.

future children’s names: I’ve never wanted kids but I want to name creatures with incredibly pretentious names? Caesar (or César or Cesare) (like the Roman emperor or Borgia, mention the salad and I swear I’ll cut you), Ginevra, Arturo, Lucifer, Minerva, Athena, Aurora.

meaning of your name: Crippled lmao
ultimate otp: Sheriarty yoooooo
what do you plan to/do for a living: sexy academia in cultural sociology
starbucks order: caramel macchiato


introvert or extrovert: introvert with the confidence and recklessness to act as an extrovert
dawn or dusk: dawn
righty or leftyright
coffee or tea:
rain or shine: shine
reading or writing: both

three shots of coffee and girl power music. 

will i get shit done this morning?????

Anonymous whispered: You're my fav blog. C:

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thank you!!!!!!! c: 

On what it was like shooting the purple wedding: ”All of us girls are sitting there, because it’s so hot in Dubrovnik in Croatia in the summer. So we’re all sitting with our skirts up around our necks, you know, playing scrabble. It’s very glamorous” — Natalie Dormer on Late Night with Seth Meyers (x)

weweremadeforeachothersherlock whispered: "-I CAN LIVE WITH THIS YES V GOOD -but more specifically: everything about Jim's identity and behavior depends on Sherlock. he is a shapeshifter -a container of all meanings and of nothing at once -ideally he should be a switch. but one that does not crave power at all. -he adapts to Sherlock. pure and simple. -Sherlock craves power? Physical dominance and assertion? Jim will take his bite marks his rage and possessiveness. anything." PERFECT TAGS ARE PERFECT. <3


For reasons of detachment and corporeal estrangement I do see him leaning towards physical submissiveness, what I keep repeating in my fic is that Jim knows himself through Sherlock. He could find a degree of understanding and unity between body and mind only through Sherlock exerting a certain degree of dominance/control/possession of it. 

But if Sherlock wanted something else he could change? He’s not attached to power, not when what he really needs is to be absolutely equal to Sherlock. Those power dynamics work because the imbalance is fictional (?) and evened out by absolute understanding.